I would like to compliment you for the dining service you have provided for over the past 3 years. As a single businessman I have enjoyed the high-quality  meals you have provided for me. It has saved me much time and effort in being able to carry on with my schedule. The meals are nutritious, tasty and can be ready for eating in 5 minutes. I am also impressed with the attention you give to variety. I look forward to continuing to avail of your service in fine dining. All the best for the future of your unique business. Phil, St. John's

Having Jennifer come in and cook has been a great experience.  She is very flexible with menu items and caters totally to your wants and needs. It saves time and the food is delicious, healthy and calorie wise. The best part is that the kids will actually eat it! Jennifer, St. John's

Thyme to Dine has bought supper back to our house.  I had gotten out of the habit of planning meals in advance and always ended up having to heat something frozen ( and usually unhealthy).  This is why Thyme to Dine works so well for us.  I'm still heating up frozen meals but now they are actual meals with delicious and healthy ingredients.  I love coming home on cook day to the smell of good cooking and knowing there are 10 meals ready to go. Our family is eating better and we are wasting less food and buying less groceries.  Jennifer is totally professional and I love the added touch of muffins on cook day. Andrea, St. Phillips

We are very pleased with the quality of service from Thyme to Dine.  As two working professionals, with three super busy children, it can be very difficult to fit in all of our children's activities on top of our hectic work schedules.  Having home cooked food available in our freezer means one less thing we have to worry about. Plus we feel much better about feeding the kids quality food as opposed to highly processed convenience foods or take out.  Thyme to Dine frees up time at the end of the work day which allows us more time to spend with our family. Thanks. Chantelle, Ray, Ava, Ian and Meredith, Torbay

Healthy, wholesome, delicious meals for the whole family. I never have to think about what is for dinner anymore. I have freed up a whole day of my week without compromising on quality. Shelley, Physician and mother of 2, St. John's

As an extremely busy family of 5, I began to realize I needed help which then came Thyme to Dine and Jennifer. I cannot recommend Jennifer highly enough. On first contact with her, I explained my family's needs and dislikes (I have fussy eaters) and how I required meals to be very nutritional but also the ability to serve the food at different times of the evening. All of which was completely accommodated by Jennifer. The food was always delivered on time, even in a massive snowstorm! The children loved her food and if, on the rare occasion they didn't, Jennifer would not hesitate to change the menu. My whole family loved her food! It's such a wonderful service! Personally, I think it's great value! Andrea, St. John's

 Thyme to Dine  . 746-3513 . jwellsman@thymetodine.net